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Residential Project Manager

Full Time

Our client in the Vaughan area is looking for a Residential Project Manager to join their growing team. We are looking for someone who has a strong willed, type A personality. Someone who is confident enough in their background and experience to get the job done right the first time.

Residential Project Management experience is a must.

This company does Basement renovations and you will be the first person on-site

Material reconciliations

Daily Responsibility

  • The Project manager is responsible for rotating, on a daily basis, from project to project, until the completion of the project. Once a round of project visits is complete, in however many days it takes to complete one round, he must start another round that will include all ongoing projects, until the projects are completed.
  • During each visit to a project site, the field operations manager must make sure that the site log is properly filled out by themselves and the trades working on the project. The field operations manager

During on-site visits, the field operations manager must ensure that:

  • All trades are wearing the company uniform.
  • The project site is clean.
  • The garbage is in a designated area and is picked up regularly.
  • The materials are properly stored on site, in their designated area. Ensure that the area is organized and not a mess.
  • The materials in the garage are in a good order. This includes all materials and garbage. The garage must be appropriately clean.
  • The paper on the floor, and the seal, are in good condition and are being maintained.
  • Make sure that there is no communication between the clients and the trades. All client questions and concerns must be addressed by the office, with the designer or field operations manager.

The field operations manager must provide a walk-through inspection with, and for, the client, at the end of the project:

  • The project manager is responsible for scheduling this appointment with the client
  • The walk-through should happen after the cleaning of the project
  • After the walk-through is complete, the Project manager must report any deficiencies to the office